Thursday, February 17, 2011

Inspiration for Death Project!

Hey everyone!! I hope you're having a good time! Can't wait to see how everyone is getting on with their projects. (as you can guess, mine is going .... slowly? perhaps... derf)

Here's some AWESOME 30-min radio dramas written by Ray Bradbury that are all about death.... but all in very non-traditional ways. (or, are just awesome). I thought they were really interesting takes, and might be worth while to listen to if you're still unsure about how to get creative with yr stories, OR are just bored and want some entertainment!! (each is ~30 min long).


There Was An Old Woman

The Wind

Night Call Collect

You will be hearing very soon about 24 Hour Comic Day!! Probaly in uh, the next post here. Enjoy!!


ps: totally want to see yr guys inspiration for your stuff, too!!

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  1. You people have to be very careful with your words on these blogs....especially now that millions are reading them...DEATH PROJECT is too close for comfort..OSIRIS - PETWOOD is no laughing joke.
    Even if MARGARET CHO thinks so.