Monday, February 1, 2010

okay, team!


-11" x 14" bristol with 1 inch borders

-2 page minimum, 4 page maximum

-keep Vladimir consistent: he is a vaguely Russian repo man with a beard. Don't forget it.

-black and white

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  1. Also, for consistency notes on other characters:

    Prison jumpsuits: light colored, with a single wide black band going completely around the body vertically, right in the center.

    Markus Washington Markus: I seem to remember he was specifically a frog man with bear arms, but some peeps called me out on this last week. Everyone please look this up in the official storyline post and correct me if I am wrong by posting here.

    Space Babe/ Cassidy D'Rhubee: Any sexy, sexy combination of squid and delicious woman. You all figure that one out.

    Extra notes on Vlad: I asked Brandon last week how old Vlad should be. His reply? TWENTY FIVE. That's in earth years, folks. But don't let that stop you from making him look any way you want. All he requires is a Ruskie beard.