Monday, February 1, 2010

you are working on...

So here is the finalized Space Jail assignments are as follows


Cover: Babs

Intro-Yao + Jordan

Meeting Space Babe: Kim + Sol

Dating Space Babe: Holly

Repossessing Weapons/ sex scene: Yao

Battle: Xanthe+Amanda+Chelsea+Jordan

End Scene: Katie+Jacob


  1. I have an idea for the rising action. Vlad gets picked on because of a rumor going around. Mankind accidently created a blackhole that negatively mutated half the inmates. EVERYONE believes the rumor including spacebabe who was born out of a blackhole. She then proceeds to stick up for Vlad and kick everyone's ass by squirting ink out of her black hair.

  2. Sol, I admire your enthusiasm, but something like that would take away from the fact that Space Babe is over 9000% evil. She is not sticking up for Vlad for any reason other then personal gain.